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Hello, my name is Julia Wang. This blog is aimed to find students who want to learn Chinese.  If you are interested in Chinese culture or the lauguage, please contact me at juliawang2011@hotmail.com  Thank you!

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Chinese Language

Posted by Julia Wang on January 12, 2010 at 4:04 PM Comments comments (0)

About Julia Wang

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a Bachelor's degree in English. I speak fluent English and currently obtained an English speaking certificate for American education agency in California. Also, I have Mandarin Skill Level Grade 2(A) teaching certification. I would like to tutor Chinese one-on-one.


I taught American Chinese in a Top Mandarin Language Center in Shanghai,China. My students were at various ages from middle school to university. Currently I've been teaching conversational and written Chinese in Coral Springs School K-12. Also, I have been tutoring American kids ranging age from 2 to 16 for many years until now. Basically, the lesson has 4 parts: A fun introduction to basic everyday words. Learn how to speak in daily meeting. Learn about alphabet and tones by playing games and showing pictures. The step-by-step guide to writing all the words featured. I have always enjoyed teaching more than anything I have done and view teaching as one of the highest of professions.


Being Chinese, I would like to share all Chinese customs and traditions with you, or anything you would like to know about Chinese. As an individual, I indeed have the passionate personality. Also, as far as my teaching style is concerned, I am very patient and motivated when it comes to teaching others the Chinese language. I believe learning Chinese is fun. Looking forward to meeting you!


Julia's Thoughts on Chinese Teaching


I have taught Chinese in all its facets including Chinese as a second language and Chinese to speakers of other languages with great success. I have had years of experience teaching Chinese to children who have never spoken a word of Chinese before (and after a few months they are able to speak some words and simple sentences in Chinese comfortably and happily). In addition, I have had many years of experience teaching Chinese to adults who have never spoken Chinese. Yes, it is a little harder for adults to learn a new language--it's not quite so easy to twist the tongue and mouth in new ways to make new sounds, but that's okay. Ultimately, even if adults retain a lot of their accent, they learn just as well as children. And it is wonderful to watch a student who has never spoken the language before to add words to his or her vocabulary on a daily basis. Chinese is my first language and I find joy and satisfaction in helping others to understand, speak, read and write this incredible language. My students say that they enjoy working with me because I make learning fun, understandable and reasonably easy. Because they enjoy their lessons, they give their best efforts and learn quickly.


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